About Me

Hello dear reader, I am Jose Enrique Castejon and I have been drawing and painting surrealism and science fiction art and stories since I was a very young child. It all grew up with me and never leaved me. I have done a lot of graphic design and web design as a professional, and 3D animation was too basic for my taste at the time I graduated as a traditional Illustrator, using airbrush, pencil and watercolors. It all changed with the Final Fantasy and Monsters INC movies. Yes, particularly Final Fantasy did not received a solid welcome, but the high technical level it displayed created a big impact on me. Also Pixar’s Monsters INC had another big impact on me with its excellent narrative and a beautiful art.

I started 3D modeling as a hobby but in the latest years it has become the only thing I want to do. Recently, I invested a good part of my savings and time to acquire and master some mayor game design tools. As a result I created 3 different concepts. Because I work alone and I have limited resources I dedicated my time to only one title: Arkhana: The Lost Souls of Kapal. It is a sci-fi FPS (first person shooter) game.

Why a video game and not an animation movie?
Forget those blocky video games of the past, they where fun, but today’s technologies allow a high grade of audio and visual level,  great realism if you prefer, and also a scale to create huge environments or entire and complex worlds. But also game engines now support many film filters to create the visual appearance you desire or need for your story. You sacrifice a ultimate visual level the film produce but you gain interactivity. Fantastic! But equally important for my project a science fiction video game could be very low budget and I took notice of this some years ago. In the end a video game is a very powerful medium and it is possible for one person to publish a project in some of the mayor on-line distributors at a reasonable share.

I will publish some material in the coming months as right now I have a lot of preliminary gray models and sets. Please come back soon for more!

Thank you.